Wednesday, December 13, 2006

what about couples in matching clothing

How come you don’t understand when I’m talking when I’m talking?
If I say I ain’t going to Denny's, I ain’t going to Denny's.
Who you calling an idiot, idiot?


Anonymous said...

greeting blogwalkers, it's always nice to visit and get some fresh ideas. keep posting.

michi said...

haaaaaaaaaa! i mean: UGH! no no no DOUBLE UGH!

thank goodness i know that cannot be you in the pic, or i might really have put my foot in now. ;)

i almost want to say, there cannot be people like that out there, but the word verification says "aalas". ;)


SarahJane said...

I know how shocking it is. We must try to remain calm.

Peter said...

I am always having to check what Dean is wearing before I get dressed, or we end up looking like we are dressed alike. He isn't concerned about my concern.

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