Friday, December 08, 2006

good clean fun

I dreamed a little man in suspenders appeared at my door with a flyer announcing that everything assumed unsafe and unhealthy is actually fine. All those warnings are a government plot, he said. Just enjoy yourself.

Entering a construction site without a hard hat? No worries!

Smoking two packs a day? Absolutely fine!

SMSing on my cell phone while driving? Go ahead!

Binge drinking? Pure fun!

Using combustible substances in unventilated areas?

Unsafe sex? An oxymoron!

Trans-fats? Delicious!

Drinking llama blood? Null problemo!


michi said...

question: which of the above did you try before the dream?



SarahJane said...

I was just sticking my knife way down in the toaster to get the burning crumbs out.

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