Saturday, November 18, 2006

i have to say

I wish there were not so many ladies dying their hair blonde. It is just ugly. It is just unnecessary. It's been bugging the shit out of me for years. I can live with a highlight or two, or an older (read: grey) woman dying her hair blonde, but mostly it's just sad. Sad like floods are sad. Sad like mold is sad. Sad, and mean as bleach.

I am off to the states again on Wednesday. For a six-day visit. I am feeling very jetset. Or I would be feeling very jetset, except I am going to Scranton, PA! And Bound Brook, NJ! I have not been home for thanksgiving in about 15 years, and I always loved thanksgiving. And it's my 25th year high school class reunion. So why the hell not.


Hedgie said...

Have a great time.

SarahJane said...


SarahJane said...


michi said...

i sooo agree. but you know what's worse? men who dye their hair blonde. i mean, seriously.

have fun in the states.

and will we ever see you at 30/30 again?

dawomb aka michi ;)

SarahJane said...

i was thinking that, too. yuck.
yes, i am itching to come back to 30/30, but since i can't seem to find a 30-day span that won't be interrupted, it may have to wait ... cheers,

michi said...

i understand, sarah ... 30 days can be a long time, and esp now with the holiday season coming up, it might be hard to fit this in. i am doing round 9 - i can't believe it!! 73 consecutive days now ... don't ask. i'm a nutcase. ;)

whenever you join the madness again, it'll be a treat to read your poetry.


ps thanks for the "happy birthday" over at my place. :)

and you have a very philosophical word verification - lfbwhy? it asks.

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