Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Bob Dylan’s Biograph liner notes mention a costume party where everyone came dressed as a character from a Dylan song. I think that would be fun, though it might be hard to get enough willing fans together in one place. Anyway, I’m sure some of the folks at that party came dressed as these personages. If you like Dylan at all, you can probably name a couple the songs these appear in.

Jezebel the Nun
The Ghost of Belle Starr
The Jack of Hearts
Quinn the Eskimo
The Soviet Ambassador
The Mystery Tramp
Absolutely Sweet Marie
The One-Eyed Undertaker
Botticelli’s Niece
The Gray Flannel Dwarf
The Queen of Spades
Napoleon in Rags
Dr. Filth
Maggie’s Pa
The Motorcycle Black Madonna
The Two-Wheeled Gypsy Queen
Mr. Jones


Dick Jones said...

A brilliant idea for a convocation of Dylanologists. No Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands or Lily, Rosemary or the Jack of Hearts, though. I'd go cunningly disguised as Mr. Jones.

michi said...

i'd dress as a vision of johanna, methinks. m

SarahJane said...

well, dick, looks like you couldn't pick a better character. smile

michi, excellent idea.

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