Friday, September 01, 2006

Questions about the Shirt

Do I look nice in this shirt?
How much will it cost me?
Does it have to be dry cleaned?
Was this shirt made in Cambodia?
Does this shirt come with crutches?
Will it demand too much of me?
Does this shirt enjoy opera?
How about “Der Rosenkavalier?”
What is this shirt’s political history?
Is it a friend of all fishes?
Can this shirt see danger coming?
Is it familiar with Franz Wright’s poetry?
Which pants do I have that go with this shirt?
Do I get that free extra button?


kate5kiwis said...

this is fabulous.
it's like you get right inside my head :o)
so true... sometimes it's an agonising decision !!!

michi said...

and does it whisper poem titles in your ear?

if so, i'll buy it.


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