Saturday, September 09, 2006

of equal worth/lessness, or something about these places makes me wanna roll over & die

1€ store

plastic soapdish
roll of wrapping paper
magic markers
round glass ashtray
mini-stapler with staples
Baruda suntan lotion
star-shaped nightlight
pack of 6 disposable razors
pack of 3 pastel-tone post-it notes
scrub brush
loofah mitten
toothbrush with mini-toothpaste
ramen noodles
kids’ stockings
pack of 6 scented candles
matchbox car
100(?) paper clips
decorative ceramic ladybug
plastic clothespins


michi said...

decorative ceramic ladybug --
i can just about visualise it. will you buy me that? *L*

SarahJane said...

sure, it "only" costs one euro. & surely deutsche post will want at least 12 to mail it to you!

michi said...

*LOL* you are most probably right, sarah. but i am sure the ceramic lady bug's beauty is worth it. *snort*

i often wonder who actually buys all that stuff.

lorguru said...

well, the cost of living must be pretty high there, then, since the euro is worth more than the dollar, and those are all the same things we find in the dollar store.

SarahJane said...

yes, it's the 16% sales tax, soon to be 19%.

kate5kiwis said...

what about *five thousand things for kids that are gonna break two minutes after ya walk outta the store* ???

those kinda places seem like treasure palaces to my kids.

kate5kiwis said...

oh, and i want the star-shaped nightlight. i *have* to have it. mummy, puh-leeze will you let me get it? i promise i'll pay you back (from my non-existent piggy bank) when we get home. i'm sure it won't break.....

*kate turns off her hearing aid and bolts for the car*

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