Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Been there, done that

Finished 30:30 at ITWS, & hope to get a poem or two out of it. The good thing is you get your arm twisted to write. So you can rant or just flex your sonic tenderloins. You can also be forced to write something you've been meaning to write. And no one says you suck.
On the downside, since part of the point is to buck everybody up, you're not allowed to discourage. So when someone says to me, "yer fabulous," it could just mean "Thanks for not making me read anything like what you wrote yesterday." And "Wow, I loved the end," could just mean "Sarah, I thank God this came to an end!"

30. Subway Station (Morning’s heft hangs lurid)
29. Stone (Red leaves smatter cobblestone)
28. Read my Lips (The crick in my neck comes from caring.)
27. For Crying Out Loud (oh the crumpled wing of it all)
26. Tinder Box (Burnt Sienna: the fence along my mother’s yard, spanning the lawn like a long silence)
25. Biergarten (My homesickness outlasts hades’ blazes)
24. Summer Staples (Back where I come from)
23. Wine Reviews (A round young wine that can’t concentrate)
22. Notice in the Window(Dear students)
21. The Deal (I’m taking back my scream.)


michi said...

sarah, i am sure you will get more than one or two poems out of the 30 you wrote this month. i thought there were some poems that are what they call "almost there". lots and lots of good lines. i certainly don't mean "thank god this isn't going on any longer" when i say "i love the closing line". :)

i am really amazed sometimes, at the quality of the writing, at the terrific lines people come up with every day.

keep writing.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Sarah, not to worry, I'm sure you'll get plenty of good poems out of your 30. In fact, I think many of them need only minor tweaking to be ready. And hey, you ARE fabulous! Congrats on making it through the round!

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