Thursday, August 10, 2006

been searching a to c

What I Sought

affected speech - airport detector wand - anais nin -
arena - ashberry dong with the luminous nose -
athena goddess of - average euro dollar rate 2005

barrow street - basf - beth ann fennelly -
biblical animals - bette davis - bmi rechner -
bonnie and clyde - books about joseph cornell

california barrio - california stereotypes -
candy dots - candy names - carolyn creedon -
cherries nutritional value - crozon, france


Shelley said...

This is really cool. How did you do that?

Words I've asked for definitions for:


Does that count?

SarahJane said...

hi shelly -
nice to see you. now i'll have to look up haiga, too. isn't it a poetic form?

somehow my google windowpane remembers searches. type in "A" and it will display all the A words/phrases recently sought. scary, no?


Shelley said...

Ohhhh, I can do that, too, at least for the searches I've done through Google. Thanks for telling me how. Scary? You bet. You might want to think about adding a Scroogle scraper plugin to your browser.

Congrats on the winning cento, by the way, if I forgot to say it before... really great stuff.

And I'd like to buy a vowel, please. (It's ShellEy, like the poet.)


michi said...

since i last deleted the temp files:
ani di franco - april
beiwagen - bike
CRT - chelsea, wien - christine klocek-lim - character recognition
discarded book - donnie darko - dj ├Âtzi (because i could not remember what they call him in english)
and so on ...

KL said...

great stuff here, Sarah. This would be a good challenge. This or the post before about similes.


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