Sunday, July 16, 2006


Friday we leave for vacation. I hope it’s fabulous, since it ended up costing way more than we expected. My mother is going to join us, coincidentally flying out the day before my ex-stepfather has cancer surgery. She still loves him. He’s a bit screwed up and now he’s gotten so old but he’s a sad and sweet guy. I am hoping he lasts a while longer.

We’re going to Brittany. I’ve never been there. Damned long drive. 50 euros in tolls each way, plus an overnight "somewhere." Spent the day packing since I have to work all week. Kids are out of school. I’m making them keep journals all summer. FORCE, DICTATION, whatever.

It’s too sunny here but not temperaturely unbearable. Got an email from an acquaintance in Lebanon that’s three-fifths coherent. Lord, I hope that shit will end.


lorguru said...

Have a great, safe trip! If that is your house, it is lovely. It is cool to be able to picture where you write your masterpieces!

michi said...

sounds lovely, sarah. brittany should be nice. i look forward to hearing of your adventures in prose and poetry. and pictures, too.

i'll be around until 12 august or so, and we still have not made up my mind, though it looks like it will be carinthia, and perhaps south tyrol. cornwall and north poland were an option, but money is a little tight.

have fun!


SarahJane said...

hi lauren,
that's the house we rented. let's hope it's ok... note the plastic garden furniture.

we went to südtirol last year, which was nice, but i like austrian ost tirol more.


lorguru said...

oh, then you still need to show us where you normally reside!
That looks nice. Enjoy!

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