Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sometimes, reading the latest literary bullshit, I feel dismay

These Pages are Full of It

impossible possum, nanoventure
your room is a clot


of women shrieking Russian verbs


in admiral hours
they vanish and wait it gets worse

(noooo…nooooo, tears drool down my face!)

o thunder of clocksprings
rut into a mathematical design

(this can’t be happening!)

an adieu encrusted, tumbling

(astonishing! encore encore!)

the washing machine is on
no water in it

(oh mein gott the genius!)


michi said...

found where?


SarahJane said...

i made it up!

michi said...

ah noooo ... i don't think so. really. i don't. *G*

SarahJane said...

sau schlimm, gel?

michi said...

sauschlimm that you made it up? sauschlimm what you made up?
sauschlimm that you might not have made it up?

you like to swear in german, oder? *G*

btw i read your interview in ... rock salt plum yesterday, the whole thing. i remember reading poems of yours there, but only dipping into the interview at the time. interesting to read about your writing process. i like to read such things about other poets, to compare, perhaps get a few ideas.


SarahJane said...

ja, although the Germans swear so much as to make it rather tame. Kindergarten children walk around saying Schiesse all day. My kids aren't allowed.

thanks for reading my interview. you should consider submitting there.

Carl Bryant said...

Me, too. I get dismayed at the whole "anything postmodernist is good" attitude out there.

If someone's gonna suck, I want them to suck in an understandable way - with a sharp intake of breath, filling a black void in the heart of their empty souls, spewing back outward as a string of unconnected adverbs.

The above drivel is copyright 2006, Carl Bryant. so if u steel it, i will no.

michi said...

carl, surely you mean copywrite. ;)

and sarah - ireland and australia. people do not swear more and worse in any other country i have ever been.


Carl Bryant said...

Sorry, Michi - Arlene's driving has recently boosted Italy to the top of the swearing chart.

I wonder what effect literary bullshit has on swearing...

Ash said...

I just finished up a period where I was writing nonsense. I had gone in searc of sound rather than sense. I had some limited success, but I find that Heather Christle does it best. Look her up. She's completely post-modern but very (I think) accessible.

SarahJane said...

your spelling is 2 much. lay off the stout & stop making me laugh at work.

Thanks - I will look her up. I'm not against the post-modern & focusing on sound can yield a beauty, but unless there's a thrill or zaniness or some kind of sick sense to a poem, I don't tend to go for it if it's meaningless or lacks appeal to the senses. I put my hand on my heart and Bible, the I Ching, the Koran and the Talmud and swear I'm not narrow minded.


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