Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pop Quiz

Which celebrity are you?

Answer the following questions and my shiny labrador Stella will tell you which celebrity you are. Who knows, you could be a rock star, a silver screen legend or even a famous stunt man!

1. What do you typically eat for breakfast?
2. How much are you willing to pay for a good haircut?
3. Name two or more movies you've seen more than twice.
4. Name three of your favorite poets and one of their poems you particularly like.
5. What's your star sign?
6. Among the following, your preferred poetry topic is:
a. nature b. love c. death d. God e. sex
7. What do you do when you're really angry?
a. lash out verbally b. resort to reason c. punch somebody d. throw things e. count to 10

You are Marilyn Monroe, who revealed, „I used to think as I looked at the Hollywood night, ‚There must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I’m not going to worry about them. I’m dreaming the hardest.”

You are Diane Keaton, who, as the charming Annie Hall, said “La-dee-dah, la-dee-dah,” when she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

You are the cult figure Christopher Walken who said, „I don’t need to be made to look evil. I can do that all on my own.”

It turns out that in your last life you were Lana Turner, who said, „I planned on having one husband and seven children, but it turned out the other way around.“

You are Frida Kahlo, who said, "I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.”

You are Marlene Dietrich, who said, "I never faint because I am not sure that I will fall gracefully and I never use smelling salts because they puff up the eyes."

You are blues singer Janis Joplin. "If I hold back," she said, "I'm no good. I'm no good. I'd rather be good sometimes, than holding back all the time."

You are Steve McQueen, who said, "I don't believe in that phony hero stuff."

You are the singer Isaac Hayes. "I'd been hearing things in my head for a long time, but I'd been restricted," Hayes said.

You are singing legend Nina Simone, who said, "I would like a man now who is rich, and who can give me a boat-a sailboat. I want to own it and let him pay for it. My first love is the sea and water, not music. Music is second."

You're American heartthrob Judy Garland, who said "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

You're the gangster heronine Bonnie Parker, who said, "Tell them I don't smoke cigars."

You are the graceful Fred Astaire, who said “I am bit sending messages with my feet. All I ever wanted was not to come up empty. I did it for the dough and the old applause.”


michi said...

ah! now it's here! thought something strange had happened to the blog yesterday

okay, here are my answers:
1) nothing during the week, muesli with fruit on weekends
2) depends on whose hair it is ...
3) the piano (more times than i can count); immer dieser michel (astrid lindgren); magnolia;
4) wislawa szymborska (soliloquy for cassandra); giuseppe ungaretti (Stillness / Quiete); e e cummings (i like my body when it is with your)
5) super-? er, scorpio that is
6) hm. re b.lo i think
7) depends. i rant, mostly. so perhaps a) if i have to pick one.

as long as i don't turn out to be arnold, britney or tom cruise, nearly everything is fine. ;)


Micky said...

1. oatmeal, or sometimes toast
2. nothing, I never cut my hair, my husband trims the ends on occasional
3. As Good As It Gets and The Sound of Music
4. William Wordsworth, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost (Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening)
5. Gemini
6. all of the above? or if you break my arm nature
7. e. count to three, really.

Arlene said...

yay, new quiz!

1. rather than breakfast, i fast. thing is i usually wake up just in time for lunch. hee.
2. €30 -- as if i had a choice. it's that or i stay witchy for life.
3. all of me and x-men come to mind. hah!
4. deryn rees-jones (service wash), matthew francis (frog chronicle), alan jenkins (three-piece suite)
5. virgo
6. c but also e (the little death)
7. d (to avoid doing c, of course)


kate5kiwis said...

:o) yay sarah.

1. it's usually at least eleven am before i get to making my own breakfast: this week it's been: organic cardboard-style muesli (needs lots of chewing, tastes like cardboard. i need to get back to my hubbard's berry berry nice, but there's like 0% fat in the cardboard stuff) and yoghurt and milk.
and an espresso. but i am in deep depression because the machine broke today and it'll be at least three weeks to replace the part. if they do replace it, cos machine is two years old. i have spent all afternoon trying to get a plan to wangle a replacement while mine is at fix-it-man.

2. i have my hair cut and streaked with blonde once a year max.. when the kids' homeschooling allowance arrives in my bank account. it costs me $NZ 80 at my funky friend catherine's home salon, and i'm very attached to my annual experience.

3. oh sheesh, i have a cupboard full of movies that i watch over and over as the muse descends: the princess bride (this, imnsho, is the defining movie: people fall in to two categories: those who can quote the entire script of the princess bride, and those who can't. well, that's kinda obvious, but I *know* that we'll be soul mates if ya're in the first category). more? the saint, the thomas crown affair, mr & mrs smith, kate and leopold, what a girl wants, all the kids movies, freaky friday, charlie's angels #1 (#2 is rubbish), a knight's tale, top gun, pride and prejudice (2005), ever after... is there a pattern emerging here?? lol

4. er, can we just do movies??

5. gemini

6. b. love

7. a. lash out verbally. i'm definitely a ranter.

nate said...

Hi, Sarah, interesting quiz. Here are my answers:

1. I will occasionally have a bagel, but most often, just coffin.
2. $20 (including tip)
3. Fight Club and The Matrix.
4. B.H. Fairchild ("Body and Soul"), Thomas Lux ("The Man Into Whose Yard You Should Not Throw Your Ball", and Stephen Dunn ("Five Roses").
5. Leo.
6. Love.
7. Lash out verbally.

I look forward to these results... Oooooooooooooo, I feel so famous...

michi said...

oh does that mean i get to marry someone like arthur miller? but i hope i won't get the lisp, and that i'll have a happier ending in my life.
cheers, m

Arlene said...


today i wake up and discover i used to be a man... with funny eyes. that's evil.

please, please, please make nate a woman. i'd like to have been the only man around here.

smoking quzlsmso,

michi said...

i think nate is morgan fairchild (real name: patsy ann mc clenny). there is a hint in his answers that this is the case. m :)

SarahJane said...

Michi -
You are the star of stars. You can marry whomever you want.

Arlene -
Nathan is still coming into focus, but yes, there is something distinctly feminine going on in there....

rae said...

Yay, another Sloat quiz.

1. Nothing, usually just coffee.
2. Over 100 dollars.
3. Requiem For A Dream, The Big Lebowski
4. Anne Sexton, (For The Year of The Insane); Spencer Reece (Florida Ghazal); Diane Wakoski (A Warning To the Man in Receiving At Sears)
5. Leo
6. God, Death, Love, Sex (all at the same time)
7.)Lash Out Verbally

Sharon Hurlbut said...

You have the BEST quizzes, Sarah! Here's my answers:

1. cinnamon toast
2. $35.98
3. Silverado; Meet Me in St. Louis
4. William Carlos Williams; Beth Ann Fennelly (Telling the Gospel Truth); Ted Kooser
5. Taurus
6. c. death
7. d. throw things

nate said...

I just realized that I mistakenly wrote "coffin" for "coffee"...

apparently, I'm drinking death for breakfast, small scoop of cream, one packet of sugar...

And it would only serve me right to be a woman... I've been told my hands belong in Palmolive commercials... ;-)

LKD said...

1. A bowl of Life cereal with skim milk.

2. Nothing. I cut my own hair. I've walked out of far too many salons in tears to ever pay for a hack job ever again.

3. The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.

4. a) Elizabeth Bishop, "Chemin de Fer."
b) Ranier Maria Rilke, "Archaic Torso of Apollo."
c) James Wright, "Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota."

5. Libra

6. Death

6. A & C, although, mostly A.

kate5kiwis said...

lana turner eh??
i confess i had to google her: i think i woulda preferred marilyn, or diane, or even angelina for goodness' sake.

but i did notice this in her biography:
"Lana loved going to the movies. Every weekday she would save a nickel of her lunch money to put toward the twenty-five cent Saturday matinee. Her appreciation for the elaborate costumes of actresses Kay Frances and Norma Shearer carried over into her own career, and earned her a reputation for wearing some of the most beautiful costumes in film history. In fact, if she hadn't gone into movies, Lana always said she would have become a fashion designer"

so i think you (and stella) could be onto something....
love your quizzes girl :o)

rae said...


You've been dead-on, every time. You're the quiz queen.

Carl Bryant said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carl Bryant said...

I tried this earlier, but blogger truncated my list. I guess that means I'm the Bobbitt guy.

1. I eat no breakfast.
2. I cut my own hair.
3. When Harry Met Sally, In Cold Blood, The Piano.
4. Stevens - Emperor of Ice Cream. Frost - Design. Stafford - Vacation.
5. Scorpio.
6. Nature.
7. Lash out verbally.

SarahJane said...

blogger is screwing with me, too. let's see if this comment even gets up....

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Right on! Steve McQueen rocks and so do you, Sarah!

sara kearns said...

'another great quiz, Sarah! Fun, fun, fun

1.lemonade or caffeine-free soda
2. $75
3. Casablanca, Silence of the Lambs
4. Carolyn Creedon, "Pub Poem," Anne Sexton, "Imitations of Drowning," Nick Flynn, "Bag of Mice." (These were soooo hard to choose - so many, so many....)
5. Cancer
7. write .... oops, not on list, okay, then: a.lash out verbally

Thanks Sarah!

lorguru said...

I missed out on this...I hope you can come back to evaluate my answers when you get a chance!!!!How fun!

1. A Slim Fast Bar, I hate to admit.
2. I give myself my best, I guess nothing.
3. Rain Man, As Good as it Gets, West Side Story
4. I can't do this one.
5. Libra
6. Among the following, your preferred poetry topic is:
a. f. human nature


Pamela V said...

1. Coffee. Sometimes I have white rice with sugar.
2. $30.
3. Napoleon Dynamite & Barfly
4. I hope I’m not disqualified, but I don’t have any!
5. Scorpio?
6. Death
7. A, or cry.

KL said...

I didn't see this one.

1. Breakfast
2. lol The same that I would pay for a bad one.
3. Pretty Woman/Wizard of Oz/all the chick flicks (Really, I have seen almost all of them more than once)
4. Anne, Louise, Adrienne (Grandmothers) Now, ask me this same question tomorrow. (((smile)))
5. Aries
6. hmm, I suppose D.-- unless having sex on top of some dead nature with the one I love screaming "God."
7. count to ten-- especially when the spell calls for it.


KL said...

Ah yes, Fred and I would make a perfect me. ((grin))

I like, “The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.”

And this was a quote from way-back-- scary how much it rings true today.

Thanks Sarah-- great quiz!


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