Friday, May 12, 2006

There was a Sound like a Mocassin Dropping

Finished the 30 days/30 poems forum today. Hooray.
These were my poems from the second half:

30. Opportunity Knocked (“There was a sound like a moccasin dropping…”)
29. Paradise Found (“Paradise comes straight-up…”)
28. Index to the New Crocker Cookbook (“All the Pizza”)
27. Cape (“The wind is my little cape…”)
26. DJIA (“Monday mornings the market’s always antsy…)
25. Feng Shui (“When the bridge between east and west…”)
24. Some Mornings (“What will it be then, Sunday at six?”)
23. Your World, Lord (“Your stories, Lord.”)
22. In and Out of Character (“It was Tuesday noon…”)
21. Intimates (“Sparrows, all my sympathies.”)
20. The Monarchs (“A kingdom is coming…”)
19. George (“George came from a town…”)
18. Keeping my Cool (“They hoist an outrage to the brim …”)
17. Things my Sister Taught me (“Without factories, there’d be no clouds.”)
16. Bitten (“My thoughts now include the kisses of wild animals…”)

Some of them were real dogs. Most of them were real dogs. But a couple might make it.

My co-poets and poetesses turned out some memorable stuff. Among my favorites: Sharon Hurlbut’s “Post-it Notes From Jesus;” John Vick’s “Ode to a Coin-Operated Washing Machine;” Anne Higgins’ “Write from the Number Six;” Lisa Prince’s “To a Blonde-Haired Girl;” Keith Bris’ “Combat Medic;” David Krilivsky’s “Routine;” Susan Culver’s “Kenny at the Bus Stop;” and Lauren Finaldi’s “First Jobs.”

I do plan to do it again, maybe in mid-June. For now, I have some poems that need more attention.


Arlene said...

oh no!!! on my first day back and you're gone. booohoooohoooo. who will be my playmate now?

i understand, of course. have got around a hundred dogs -- er -- poems in my draft box that need some attention, you can have them if you want. hee.

but hey, it's almost june! (i like to think so) so i count on seeing you back ;)


David said...

Congrats on an excellent first round! There were no "real dogs,"
as you called them. I'm glad you enjoyed "Routine." I look forward to participating in another 30/30 with you!


SarahJane said...

aw, arlene. my mom comes to visit until june 5 or so and she sleeps in my study. so i think it might be a bit much writing and posting in there while she's here.

david! i did enjoy "Routine." Not the best title probably, but since we're not really allowed to "crit" in the forum, I say so here! Loved the ending line esp. smile

rae said...


Congrats!! And I bet money you've got some better stuff than you think. I do hope to see you back. or at least, I hope to see some of those "dogs" in CC. I'm too chicken to do the challenge so my hats off to you.

michi said...

sarah, sorry i missed you this time around, but i hope to see you next time you try the 30/30 madness.



David said...

Ha! the real feelings come out now that the no crit rule is tossed aside. Just kidding:) I agree with you on the title--to me, titles are the hardest part--as it was just a quick one so i could post it in the 30:30

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Yay! Congratulations on your first round, Sarah! I hope to get back to 30/30 in June, too.

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