Thursday, May 18, 2006


supposed to rain here all week. i like that. keeps things cool. keeps things quiet. keeps me from feeling i should make something more of it. or mow the lawn. or maw the loan. or maul the now. or own the moan. or lay low in high places.

photo j.burhans


kate5kiwis said...

hey, love your creative genius. and your booklist is sooo long.. i'm not a fan of the rain, myself. in fact, we're sneaking off to worship some sunshine at the beach around lunchtime, and it's mid-autumn here ;o)

michi said...

rain here today, and it's quite nice, it's been warm, muggy even. i am not a fan of temperatures above 22°C. *S*
love the own the moan line.

Bob Hoeppner said...

I'm sick of the frickin rain, yet, today I feel very poetic.

SarahJane said...

thanks for stopping in.
Bob, how does it look where you are? Did you also have flooding?

of course the kind of rain i mean isn't that deluge. i mean the kind that keeps the teenagers out of the park.

Carl Bryant said...

I also appreciate the rain. I love watching it from my doorway, listening as it claps with the leaves on the sycamore tree.

Everything is grateful to something else, I suppose.

Afternoon showers for our area are the norm for this time of the year.

rae said...

I love rain. I wish we would have more of it.

beatroot said...

You have an original way of doing a blog. Weldone.

Rain? It's the best b-side ever (The Beatles)

Bob Hoeppner said...


I love it when it rains when I want to sleep. It's not flooding right where I live, but I think it has in the eastern part of the state. The sky is blue and sunny right now, but six hours of rain is due in about three hours.

Arlene said...

yessss, love rain, too. and cold, humid weather. i grew up half-believing i was a mold since i "bloomed" during the monsoons. hopefully, i don't smell like one.

neat book list. you know how i'm always taking notes. i never know what to read.

dezibas (your word verification) sounds like a terrific book title or girl's name. heh.


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