Saturday, May 27, 2006

Out of Order

Out of Order

Apparently, the rat poison.
My slumber button. The mafia.
Low-alcohol beer.

My darling’s instrument.
Without question, the weather.
Southern California.

The elm’s own plastic bag.
Certain starlets. Bagpipes.
This freaking phone booth.


lorguru said...

I remember this one from 30/30 and I just love it! Thanks for sharing it here. -laur

Peter Menkin said...

Hi Sarah:
I think you've got a syncopating rhythm with this poem, juxtaposing many thoughts and making a statement thereby. I do like your poem, and I wanted to let you know I have been visiting your website. I am here north of San Francisco in Marin County where the weather has been very good this Spring. Today is Memorial Day in the United States, so we have a quiet Holiday remembering those who have passed away, and especially those who died in wars. I will end this postcard post with thanks for your posting of poems and interesting items about your life and times.

Anonymous said...


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