Friday, May 05, 2006

haiku for tom cruise

Actually, I don’t think Tom Cruise is nuts. I just think he’s a jerk. The site is funny, though as amusing is the creative spelling out there.
Instead of besides --> be sides
Instead of jealous --> gellous
As well as to for too, your for you’re, there for their, and a range of offences against the poor little apostrophe and comma. One commenter leaves a note insulting a previous commenter on her grammar, only to call her “uncomprehensible.” Another makes an allusion to "Dr. Jackel and Mr. Hide."

There’s even a haiku on the site contributed by a reader. I don’t remember exactly but it’s something like…

Tom Cruise is nuts
And cuckoo for coco-puffs
Tom Cruise, shut the fuck up


David said...

hey sarah,

funny site. i also think tom cruise has been quite a jerk lately. it is a conversation that my wife (a psychologist) and I have had quite a bit. the haiku pretty much sums it up--he needs to shut up!

i also hate it when i stumble across grammatical/spelling/etc. errors. it drives me knuts ;)


Nikky Egland said...

Yeah, Tom Cruise is completely ignorant and stupid. I wish he would shut his trap and leave the psychological jargon and diagnoses to the real professionals.

Carl Bryant said...

Cruise control would be nice.


Ka said...

haha! Yeah. I did some work for the Scientologists a while back (don't ask, they paid me, and I'm a work whore) and I can't blame Cruise for being phsychotic. Faith can be twisted unbelievably. Or so my spirit guide told me when I channeled Axactamanta, Lord of the Egyptian Mummy Gods this morning.

michi said...

ahhhh apostrophitis! *sigh* you know i *really* don't get why people find it so difficult (its / it's, eg) - like das/dass in german.

its getting wor's and wor's, even here in a german-speaking country: pizza's, reinigung's-service (no kidding), nicht's (!!), etc. *shiver*

and okay, tom cruise may be a jerk, but what the hell is katie doing?? how can she put up with that? ugh.

greetings from in-the-middle-of-thunder-and-lightning,


michi said...

ps word verification: pkfite - pick a fight? ;)


SarahJane said...

I'm not trying to pick a fight. Even before the whole meds thing came up, Tom looked kind of like a jerk to me. But I'm shallow. I am judging a person based on his looks and roles in Hollywood films. He just looks so squeaky clean, like he has never known despair, and it turns out, according to him, that he hasn't! Which is very convenient for me.

michi said...

there's a poem in this somewhere, in this no-despair, squeaky-clean issue thingy. i think. but then, my head has been aching all day, so don't take my word for it. rtrxxt. retracts? hm. night, m

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