Friday, April 28, 2006


Just jumped the halfway point in the poem-a-day forum. It's been good for me. Maybe I'll even do another round. If I get a good poem out of it I'll be thrilled, two and I'll implode. Here's the line-up so far:

16. Bitten (My thoughts now include the kisses of wild animals.)
15. The Telephone’s Two Eyes (The telephone’s two eyes are sobbing…)
14. Anniversary (chernobyl poem) (For twenty years no hand…)
13. If this is all (if this is all…)
12. Out of Order (Apparently, the rat poison…)
11. Cantata (As the tenor begins…)
10. Her Auburn Hair (Her five lovers brush the mud from themselves with straw…)
9. From Very High Heels (I always want more…)
8. Wink (I forgot to ask my mother what…)
7. Waiting Room (Only the sick are not heartless…)
6. Emergency Substitutions (If I don’t have 2 tbsp cognac the book says…)
5. You and Whose Army (The day was unkind…)
4. Me Jane (you bunker: me slug…)
3. Logbook (While we count casualties, the dead…)
2. Forecast (All day it showered; the rain…)
1. Early March (The snow arrives like a shipwreck…)


David said...

as someone who has seen each and every one of these, I feel strongly that you'll get more than one good one out of the challenge. congrats on the halfway mark. (I am on day 27--they say it gets easier with time, but I am not sure i'm buying that) keep up the good work!

SarahJane said...

thanks david! so far i think I can make something of the high heels poem and with work maybe one or two of the others. you've got just three to go... I'm hard at work now thinking up something for today's poem.... cheap wine? trash fiction? model airplanes? doggie joy...? dunno yet

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