Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rock Salt Plum

I have an interview and two poems in the new Rock Salt Plum Review.

There's also an interview with Li-Young Lee. I found it very interesting what he said about trying to downplay his poetry in conversation with his mother, and how she's had to have other people translate them from English for her. It was especially interesting because the editor, Jalina Mhyana, had asked me for a poem about my mother and I declined in fear that she might read it, afraid it would hurt her feelings. And she's more important to me than the poem.

Nice issue. Have a look. I've always admired the layout and colors and poetry there.


michi said...

congrats sarah!!

Coach said...

Enjoyed the interview and your poems. Congrats!

Keith (KBris)

SarahJane said...

thanks! with two days to answer the questions I was forced to be honest. smile

Arlene said...

yay!! congrats, sarah! wonderful poems as always... and i read the interview with interest, especially the submissions part and revisions. great stuff.

and having lived in milan -- does that mean you speak italian, too?

have a great easter.


Pris said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog. It's still dark-early here and only the cat and I are up, so I read the beginning of your interview and have bookmarked the journal to read later. It was a good interview and I was interested in how you organize your writing and how you submit. I'm not as good as you at submitting on a regular basis and I need to break out of the mold of submitting to the same group of journals, so you inspired me.

I also see you post with Desert Moon REview. I posted on boards for a good while after I started writing in 1999, but don't much anymore. If I put one, it's on cafecafe (MiPo) but it's no longer a critique place. DMR has a great reputation as being a good board.

I'd like to add your link to my blog, if you don't mind.

I see you know Arlene. She's such a good poet and a good person, besides.

Really glad you commented, so I could find you. I'll explore your blog more when I'm awake.

And congratulations on the interview!!

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