Monday, March 27, 2006


To have a dog is to hurry, swish, dunk and hipsway.
To have a dog is to dally on hillsides.
To have a dog is to boogie the sparrows.
It is to inhabit the wooden house of barking.
It is slippers, mud and slobber.
To have a dog is to pull rank with the animals.
It is to be an intimate of the rain.
To have a dog is the cave, wolf and campfire.


Linda Austin said...


Loved this portrait - especially "intimate of the rain." I've just come in, dried off myself & Heidi (Belgian Shepherd) who wants to go out and finish what she started, or would've had she focused, but instead got sidetracked by ode de cat, or skunk, or deer or turkey totally forgetting the purpose of splashing through mud, bombarded with cornflake-sized snowflakes & the allure of robins & slate-colored junkos.

SarahJane said...

hi linda -
nothing like a dog to get you out into the world. love mine.

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