Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the boat family

Wrote two poems, drafts i guess, since thursday. One aims to be funny, called "lice." yep, I had them in solidarity with my kids, and nearly went insane. The other is called "Zurich" and is not funny, but may be overwritten, which makes some people laugh.

Also added a bunch of songs to the iPod. 3 Roches songs, 3 Steely Dan, 1 Tribalistas, 1 Mazzy Star, Joan Osborne's version of "Son of a Preacher Man," 1 Burt Bacharach (ben folds singing "raindrops keep falling..."), and some other mostly upbeat stuff.

gotta work tomorrow, like most of us.


michi said...

i *love* ben folds' new solo album. been listening to "landed" a lot. i have deleted some songs on my mp3 player, and uploaded others, for a change. my mp3 players seems to favour some artists over others. there are songs it chooses every other day, and songs i have not heard at all in the many weeks since i first bought the player! enjoy the music! m

Bob Hoeppner said...

I woke up at 2 AM this morning with ideas for three poems. I'm gonna try to write 'em tonight at a music open mike. I've been posting recordings of some of my readings at


My favorite new addition to my music player is Jennie Stearns: Early Train; Nashville Girl; Green; Bittersweet; and Angel with a Broken Wing.

Have fun writing the poems and listening to the music!

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