Monday, January 02, 2006


I've got four (humorous, I hope) poems in this month's Snakeskin, including Guidelines, subject of an earlier post. Two of them actually rhyme - now that's funny!

Jessy Randall, who's editing next month's Snakeskin, also took my alphabet poem, Jackie O. for the issue. I'm looking forward to seeing it. "O" has got to be one of the more popular letters. I also sent a poem with the letter A, but she turned that down. I was pretty surprised; I thought it would go the other way. But you know they often take the poem you least expect.

Here's a poem I had a while back in Snakeskin's "Happiness" issue.

The Upswing Arrives

I flew in on the green wind,
heiress of the 13th hour,
where time holes up in a corner
and won’t budge back out.
I am a prowler, a prisoner
paroled, leave me alone
in your house and I’ll read your journal,
rifle through your intimates, study
your prescriptions,
rub all my hands over your furniture.
I’ll put my tongue on each spoon
and bottle, press my cheek to your floor,
feel the house redden.
There’s nothing that doesn’t thrill me.
When you aren’t looking
I grow a tail and bray softly.
Yes, I’m a pack mule of bursting desire,
a lush, a smutsmith,
a greedy pocket; I go
into the day and come back
with my hands full.


Bob Hoeppner said...

Like the poem, especially "smutsmith"!

Yes, it's both delightful and disturbing how often our admired work is met with indifference and our tossed-off things are responded to enthusiastically. That's why I keep writing without extreme concern for quality.

SarahJane said...

haha! glad you liked the poem.

Peter Menkin said...

Most worthy poem. For some you are the better kind of visitor, I suspect. I call this a "so intimate" kind of poetic offering. Kind of a note on how one will be and a warning of what to expect when you come over. I liked it, myself.

Just had to comment as I read along, and pass on my admirations for your good poem.

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