Friday, January 13, 2006


The poem “Middle Age” by Mark Jackley in the last issue of 2River View offers a brief and well hewn image. Click on the little speaker to listen. He reads it well (though I didn’t need the long intro), which is refreshing. So many of us DRONE. Listen to Louise Glück read her poem "A Myth of Innocence" (Dec 6) on Slate. Or better, don’t listen to it. Just read it to yourself in your head. It’s better. I also liked Joila Sidona Einstein's poem "From the Hudson" in 2River View, but again, didn't enjoy her reading it much. Oh, and Mark Jackley's other poem about the truck and the fist of God was good, too.

A Query:

What do you do

when the response time has elapsed . . . over-elapsed . . . and you send a polite query
. . . and time collapses . . . then more time . . . Do you,

like me,

start to wonder if maybe
there’s been some kind of terrible accident?


michi said...

yes! i do! happening to me at the moment with one magazine who've never taken longer than maybe three weeks to reply, and now it has been one month since i sent my inquiry email. and i thought i was the only one being paranoid ... *S* i enjoy coming to your blog! :) michi

SarahJane said...

hi michi -
i'm waiting on some replies, too. but I guess you inferred that... smile.

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