Friday, January 06, 2006

been there done that

i got books as presents for christmas. Carlo got me a selection of Thomas Hardy poems. My sister works with the Philly caterer that did the gala evening for the American Poetry Journal in December (?) and she walked outta there with a signed copy of Jorie Graham's Overlord and Rita Dove's American Smooth. She also got me the anthology Poems for the Millenium that's pretty rich. My mother got me Brock-Broido's A Hunger. I thought it might not be as good as the others but it is very good. My only flip-flop feeling is for the Jessicapoem. I also got a big fat Antonio Machado and Nicanor Parra's Antipoems. I like his poem Been There Done That, which starts I've even been a corpse for pay...

Publishing is like the radio and you can only listen to what's on. If anyone could suggest some worthwhile chapbooks I'd appreciate it. Something you l-o-v-e.

my mom also got me these stemless wineglasses, which are great if you're prone to knocking things over. Crate and Barrel - buck a piece or something like that, whereas the Riedels... ah hum... the Riedels cost 9 bucks each.

i didn't make any resolutions, but i was thinking i have never been brave enough to paint my toenails and this year might be it. maybe skyblue or periwinkle, eggplant or plain old fire-engine red.

i didn't make any resolutions, but i am trying to write every day, and trying to do sit-ups. Doc Bruggemann says that the pains i wake up with in my torso come from having a weak back and the best thing to do is strengthen the stomach muscles. but ugh it's so damned boring. really, i'm sure you know.


Bob Hoeppner said...

I had horrific back pain about ten years ago. Losing weight (25 pounds), being more aware of my posture, and exercising greatly helped. Yes, the stomach crunches help to firm the muscles which support the spine in the front. I've been almost totally pain-free for ten years now.

SarahJane said...

i'm trying bob. it's just so inconvenient (laugh!) and boring. I'm pretty thin and my posture sucks, so I'm believing the doc.
thanks - and glad you're pain-free now.

Bob Hoeppner said...

I checked out the Poems of the Millenium double-volume set in the bookstore yesterday. A lot of good stuff in there!

SarahJane said...

yes, it's a good one. i have just volume one, which i know my sister picked up at her local 2nd hand bookshop. i told her it would make a good christmas present for someone like, um, me. smile

Arlene said...

hee, those glasses are the ones I've got, sarah! sadly, i'm almost done breaking the set. hee.

i was kindly informed to do sit-ups everyday, too... that, or at 40, my uterus might slink out on me (gravity).

chapbooks that i l-o-v-e? jessy randall's -- but you already know that. heh!

SarahJane said...

is that real!? you're just trying to scare me ... about the glasses, i mean. haha

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